What is a custody conciliation conference?

Feb 27, 2024 | Family Law

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At a custody conciliation conference, the parties and their attorneys can speak and present information on the matter and their positions to a custody conciliator. After the conference has concluded, a temporary court order may be put in place concerning the custody issues.

A conciliation conference is mandatory unless the parties can reach an agreement prior to date of the conference. If the parties reach an agreement prior to the conference, a custody stipulation can be submitted to the Court and the conciliation can be canceled.

A custody conciliator is an attorney assigned to handle custody cases. Conciliators make recommendations on legal and physical custody as well as other issues that need to be addressed. If the parties cannot reach an agreement at the conciliation conference, a conciliator makes a recommendation and that recommendation will become an interim order which will remain in effect until the case is ripe for a hearing.

Please be advised that you should check your county’s local rules for any additional rules regarding conciliation conferences that occur in your county.

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