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Non-Traditional Family Law Attorney

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Even though Pennsylvania has legalized gay marriage, we provide advice to clients to assist them with challenges they may face in states that do not recognize non-traditional families and unmarried co-habitants.

We represent LGBTQ+ clients as well as unmarried, heterosexual partners to address issues such as:

Cohabitation Agreements

Cohabitation agreements are vital for couples who live together outside of marriage, providing a legal framework to outline property rights and responsibilities. These agreements ensure clarity and fairness, addressing the distribution of assets and obligations should the relationship end. They serve as a proactive measure to protect each party’s interests, offering peace of mind and legal security in a cohabiting arrangement.

Second Parent Adoptions

Second parent adoptions are a critical process for LGBTQ families, enabling non-biological parents to secure legal parental rights. This process not only solidifies the parent-child relationship legally but also ensures that both parents have equal standing in matters of custody, care, and responsibility. It provides a legal safeguard for the child’s future, ensuring access to benefits and rights from both parents.

Sperm Donor Agreements

Sperm donor agreements are essential in clearly defining the legal relationship between the donor and the recipient, particularly in outlining parental rights and responsibilities. These agreements safeguard all parties involved by establishing clear boundaries, ensuring that the donor relinquishes any parental rights, and that the recipient’s rights to raise the child are legally recognized. This clarity is crucial for avoiding future disputes and ensuring the child’s best interests are maintained.

Name Changes

Guidance on name changes for non-traditional families emphasizes navigating the legal procedures required to align one’s identity with their legal documentation accurately. This process involves filing petitions, handling required public notifications, and obtaining court approval. Legal assistance can streamline these steps, ensuring the name change reflects the individual’s true identity and is executed smoothly, respecting their personal journey and legal rights.

Estate Planning

Estate planning for non-traditional families involves creating tailored legal documents like wills, trusts, and healthcare directives to protect their futures. It addresses unique family dynamics, ensuring that assets are distributed according to their wishes and healthcare decisions are in trusted hands. This customized approach safeguards the rights and intentions of all family members, providing peace of mind and legal clarity for complex family structures.


Our attorney’s deep understanding of Pennsylvania’s legal landscape equips us with the expertise to navigate complex issues facing non-traditional families. Their proficiency across cohabitation agreements, second parent adoptions, sperm donor agreements, name changes, and estate planning ensures that every client receives comprehensive, tailored legal solutions. This expertise provides non-traditional families with the peace of mind and security needed when seeking legal assistance, making us a trusted advocate for their rights and interests.


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