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General Guidelines

The basic concept of child support is relatively simple; whether or not you live with your children on a day to day basis, you remain financially responsible for them. Typically, child custody arrangements are as follows:

  • Both parents share physical custody, but one is the primary custodial parent and the child primarily lives with them. The other parent receives a visitation schedule.
  • The parent with a visitation schedule pays child support to the primary custodial parent to reduce the overall daily cost of raising the child.

With that being said, the complexities of child support during a divorce can quickly complicate. Pennsylvania has standard guidelines, but there is still room to negotiate. You owe it to your children (and yourself) to work with an experienced lawyer for child support and custody.

Determining Child Support in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania calculates child support based upon guidelines that consider the actual income as well as the earning potential of both parents. It also takes into consideration the amount of time each parent spends with the child(ren). 

You can use a basic calculation to get a rough estimate of monthly child support payments.

  • Combine the monthly net income of both parents
  • Calculate what percentage of the income both parents have of the combined monthly net
    • Divide the obligor’s income by the total to get a percentage
    • Divide the obligee’s income by the total to get a percentage
  • Take the combined monthly net income and look up the basic child support number on the Pennsylvania Child Support Chart
  • Multiply the obligor’s percentage of the total monthly net income by the number from the chart to get the amount of child support owed per month

Our Focus

Agreeing to the monthly payment amount isn’t the only concern or issue that can arise with child support. Attorneys also deal with disputes over terms, decrease in obligations, collecting late payments, modifications, and disputes around the age of the children being supported.

Our role as child support lawyers is to help calculate support obligations, and negotiate or litigate a fair amount. We do this while solving the smaller issues listed above.

Securing the child support you deserve and require to best care for your children is crucial. Child support issues are significant, and the team at Central PA Family Attorney, specializing in PA Child Support Law, is dedicated to addressing your concerns with both effectiveness and efficiency. With a wealth of experience in assisting clients successfully navigate their child support challenges, we invite you to reach out to us for support. Please feel free to contact us below or at (717) 221-7952 for further assistance today.


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